Baby Steps

06 Mar

I walked without a limp today for the first time in 2 months. I was fatigued and limping slightly again by the time I got halfway from my desk to my car, but I’m still pretty psyched about it.

I also made it two days in a row without restricted carbs. Mostly. So, yesterday I decided to make egg salad for the first time in my life. Dill pickles are something I eat fairly often and the sweet pickles I had didn’t have a label anymore, but I figured they’d be about the same. “But Bombolatty,” you might be saying, “they’re called sweet pickles.” And that is why you’re smarter than I was. Did you know that two baby sweet pickles have 9 carbs? 9! That’s a lot for two baby pickles, if you ask me. I know that now because I bought a new jar today and glanced at the NI while I was putting them away. Given the amount of pickles I ate in the last two days along with everything else I’ve eaten, I’m still darn close to my carb target and it was an honest mistake. So, next time I’ll watch out for sweet pickles and for now, I’ll call it two steps forward, half a step back.

In other news, more snow. I love snow. Traipsing in it, photographing it. The past few years I have been missing the snow. This year we get what feels like endless snow and I can’t even fit a boot over my brace to go enjoy it. Massive sigh of the privileged and bored.

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