I want to hug the world

22 Feb

Today is my first day off crutches. I can drive and walk with both hands free for the first time in 6 weeks. Hallelujah! My first trip in my car was to Whole Foods. As I was looking for my keys, I was thinking about what to get for dinner. Pizza, a burger, a sub? They all sounded good. But I went to Whole Foods and got some chicken and olives instead, because as I was thinking about eating those other foods, I started to think about how crap I’d feel after. Not only did I think it wasn’t worth it, it was downright unappealing.

So, I can walk again. My right leg is smaller than my left and oddly shaped after the weeks of misuse, but it will come back to me. I feel so good moving around quickly and walking up and down stairs. Friends, I am in a fantastic mood today.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to the grocery store again to get fresh produce and good meat. I can cook foods that sound good to me without worrying about whether I planned ahead 7 days ago when I got groceries delivered. I can take myself out for coffee in the morning if I want to. Most importantly, I can walk.

Going into this new beginning, I’m 181 pounds, which is not to shabby given my last few weeks. I had a small tortilla at lunch today, so tomorrow will be day 1 of no carbs, and I’m OK with that, too.

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