The year of the Snake promises to be good for me

10 Feb

I recently read Memoirs of a Geisha, in which consulting one’s horoscope is one of the surest ways to find success. My thoughts on astrology have always been solidly mixed. My signs is Capricorn and my animal is Rooster, both of which like logic and reason. My logical self finds it hard to put faith in such things as the position of the stars determining how my day will go. I often think of the kid I grew up with who shared my birthday and was pretty much my opposite. How could he have been a goof-off, underachiever if he was also a CapriCock(tm)? On the other hand, it’s nice to have something to consult when I’m waffling. Frankly, it’s fun and comforting. So, today’s Yahoo features included a forecast for the year of the Snake. I read the menu at House of China enough times growing up to know that for the rooster, “rabbits are trouble, snakes and oxen are fine.” I thought of that often when I clashed with my parents (both rabbits).

As expected, the year of the snake will be good to me. Eleven favorable months, one neutral month, and zero unfavorable months. My health will be good as long as I stay away from areas with bad air quality and I avoid excess. Interestingly, it noted that last year was probably one of excess for me. This was, of course, absolutely true. I seemed totally incapable of stopping myself from gaining approximately 20 lbs.

2013 didn’t start that well for me. I didn’t make it a full week before I broke my ankle and became totally dependent on others for transportation. For a while, I was working from home a lot and did pretty well getting groceries delivered, cooking for myself, and staying on track. At the end of January, I asked my roommate to finally move out (I had expected her to be gone at the end of December at the latest). Before she left, she baked a pan of brownies and left a bag of peanut butter M&Ms. I had told her many times that I tried to keep sweets out of the house because I have so little self control, and I was quite angry that she did that. I was overwhelmed with relief that she’d be gone (celebration eating!), anger that she’d left that stuff (anger eating!), and depression from being immobile (depression eating!), so I ate all of the brownies and all of the M&Ms in less than a week.

This binge, of course, triggered further sugar cravings and I also had brownies and cupcakes and skotcheroos at friends’ houses, and ordered pizza for myself twice. Oh, and the brazilian peanut butter candies I ate at my friend’s Carnaval dinner. I could have eaten the whole container. I very nearly did. When I ordered groceries last week, the lettuce they brought was pitiful and lasted three days instead of the week I’d expected. The minimum order is prohibitively high if I only need lettuce, so for the past few days, I’ve been mostly without veggies. I finally convinced my brother to take me grocery shopping this afternoon, and I mostly just want lettuce.

That brings us to today. I’ve been doing fairly well the past few days. I started and stopped three orders yesterday from our local custard/hamburger restaurant. In the ended, I ordered un-breaded chicken wings and a salad for dinner from a pizza joint instead. Not great, but better anyway. And today I’m finally going to get my grubby mitts on some fresh, leafy lettuce. Salad, oh lovely salad. How I’ve missed thee.

This coming Friday, I am invited to a game night that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. (FYI – I’m a nerd.) I’m feeling pretty good about myself. The past couple of days I’ve felt like I was detoxing a bit and I’m not ravenous for sugar today. I’ll restock the crisper drawers in an hour or two. And the year of the Snake starts today.

Current Weight: 181
It has been 1 day since I’ve eaten not-allowed carbs. Happy New Year!

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