Puppy Bowl Sunday!

03 Feb

It’s been a big weekend. My roommate finally moved out. She was staying here because her boyfriend dumped her. I had expected she would stay a couple of weeks, but she was here about 2.5 months. That’s too long. I think I’ve discussed her before, so I’ll just add a refresher here. She is overweight and has a tendency to encourage others around her to eat poorly. She would make disparaging comments when I ate vegetables and never offered me anything to eat that I hadn’t explicitly told her I was avoiding. Her final blow was leaving a pan of homemade brownies and a family-sized bag of peanut butter M&Ms.

It’s also puppy bowl weekend, which means gluttonfest. So, I celebrated the combination of the two with champagne, brownies, and pizza. The leftovers will be thrown away so this habit doesn’t bleed into another day. I would have taken the brownies to work if today were a workday, but I can’t be trusted to leave them on the counter until tomorrow morning. The M&Ms will be returned with whatever mail gets sent to my house for her.

After the booze and carbs, I feel like crap. Since most of the point of this little blog is to catalog my progress, I feel it is important to record this moment. Don’t expect any insight or character development here, the rest of this will really just be a record for me so next time I’m thinking of not just disposing of the entire pan of brownies, I’ll remember why it’s better to do so.

First, there’s the heartburn. Fiery. Gross. Then, the gas. I have to burp every 10 minutes. My stomach feels like someone poured it to the brim with some sort of pond sludge. I’m sluggish and unmotivated. I’m bloated and I don’t want anyone to come near me. So, that’s carbs. Quite the celebration indeed!

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