A delicious hiccup

25 Jan

It’s Restaurant Week here, which means the city’s fancy-pants restaurants offer 3-course, limited menu dinners for a set price. It’s meant to encourage people to get out to restaurants that are usually out of their price ranges, as well as just to get people OUT. it’s frigid here and many people tend to hunker down and cozy up with blankets in the evenings.

RW is a favorite tradition of mine, both because of the chance to try to restaurants, and also because it’s easier to coordinate group outings. People tend to clear their calendars and plan ahead.

The only downside is the limited menu. My friends settled on a new restaurant this week. It specialized in Ramen. So, dumpling appetizer, noodle entree, and mochi dessert (carbs, carbs, and sweet carbs).

For restaurant week, though, I’ll make an exception.

Current weight: 176
Days without carbs: 0

**I wrote this yesterday but didn’t publish it. I did go to the ramen restaurant. It was delicious, salty, and extremely filling. I got my bloat on, for sure, but it was a lovely time and I’m glad I went. The mango mochi was divine.

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