Progress happens while I watch Doctor Who

20 Jan

I’ve been rendered fairly immobile by the broken ankle, and when I’m not at work I can’t be bothered to do much. I barely manage a bath/shower every other day because it’s painful and inconvenient. I wash and wear the same couple of shirts with large pockets and pants that fit over my boot. When my friends take pity and pick me up, I go out. Otherwise, I’ve mostly been reading (Memoirs of a Geisha, currently) and watching Doctor Who (season 4 right now). Thank goodness for Netflix!
I have managed to convince myself not to medicate with food. I made some excellent chicken and a really juicy pork roast yesterday, both of which I feel comfortable praising, even though they were my own creations. I’m hydrating like it’s going out of style, partially because it helps with the swelling and partially because I have a cold.
I’m feeling slothy simply because I don’t DO anything – it’s an ordeal just to walk out to check the mail. Every time my foot starts to feel better, I start to get itchy to get up and move around. So far, attempts to walk without crutches have not been met with a great response. I have the most mundane dreams where I just walk across the room.
However, today I hobbled myself onto the scale and found that I seem to still be losing weight, which is good. The holiday pounds are coming away, even though I’m not leading an active lifestyle. I had really worried by the time I got this thing off that I’d have gained 5-10 pounds.
It’s a little thing, but it’s a bright spot in an otherwise dim week.
Current weight: 179
Days without restricted carbs: 2

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