I can tell peanut m&ms by their sound

18 Jan

My office mate took out a bag, opened it, and ate one peanut m&m, and I knew what she was eating without even looking. I seriously love them. And now I’m stuck here, tired from travelling this week for work, sore from not icing my ankle all week, fuzzy from a cold, and hungry. So ridiculously hungry.
Normally, I wouldn’t let myself get or stay this hungry, but there are limited food options at work and I can’t leave work because of the boot on my right foot. Even if I were to go use the vending machine and give in to the cookie craving, I’m not sure I would be up for hobbling all the way over to the other building to do it.
I want to go home. I want a nap. I want ice cream or cookies or pizza. Or all three. After being out of town, I can’t even really remember what food I have at my house. I’m pretty sure there is at least some canned tuna I could eat. My roommate is definitely there, and she will almost certainly behave awkwardly when I get home. I wonder whether she broke any more dishes while I was gone…
A moment ago, I was seriously considering digging a tortilla out of the trash. It came with my lunch and I didn’t eat it and it’s securely wrapped in tinfoil. I’m that hungry. In about an hour, I have a meeting and then I leave and I can go get dinner. So, I really only have to make it an hour and then I’ll be distracted and then I can EAT! I would like to say that I could also sleep then, but I have a friend’s dinner thing tonight.
This post is uninspired and poorly written, and for that I probably owe you an apology. I’m too tired, sore, sick, and hungry to care, though. I’ll will strive to have something worthwhile to say next time. Until then… FEED ME, SEYMOUR!

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