The best of a bad situation

14 Jan

I will not deny that I’ve been allowing myself a certain amount of pity about my broken ankle. I ate the gelato that had been sitting in my freezer for months. I also polished off some french fries at dinner, a few drinks here and there, and some marshmallows. On the whole, though, I’ve been pretty good. It’s difficult not to turn to food right now to soothe myself. I can’t exercise, I’m not sleeping particularly well, and beverages are hard to transport. Sweets, though… Sweets are easy to move and they trigger a certain amount of temporary bliss.

My primary weapon against eating every sweet thing in the world has been keeping it out of the house. Because I’m housebound unless someone else is driving, unless I were to manage the 1/2 mile to the nearest store, I can’t give in to any temptations that aren’t in the house.

I’ve had two grocery runs and I managed to resist the lovely seasonal Oreos and the fresh-baked pastries. The sweetest thing I’ve had since Monday is a red bell pepper. I crave salad like it’s going out of style, probably because it is as close as I’m getting to sugar. Also because it’s crazy delicious.

According to the scale, I’m still at about 180, which is good. It’s kind of hard to get an accurate reading because I have to sort of jump up and try to drop the crutches before it registers my weights, and also because my weight isn’t distributed between two feet, but it’s good enough for now. It’s enough, anyway, to keep me from drinking my roommate’s chocolate milk.

Tomorrow I travel for work, and that will be difficult. Both physically, as far as getting around, and mentally. There will be meals in lovely restaurants and that amazing salad bar in my client’s building. It has fresh vegetables and usually some sort of plain protein, but it also has a dessert section and it’s so easy to sneak in a piece of chocolate or a small cookie. Or even a scoop of lo mein. I sincerely hope we’re not there on Chinese day, though I think we will be.

In any case, I’m alive and trying not to kick (lest it jostle my ankle). I’m not giving myself an excuse to indulge every craving that comes along. So far, I’m doing as well as could be expected. Only 4 more weeks to go and then I get to start tapering off the crutches. I look forward to it immensely.

Current weight: 180*
Days without restricted carbs: 2

*Weight approximate due to crutches mucking up the weighing process.


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2 responses to “The best of a bad situation

  1. jaimmers

    January 14, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Temptation is everywhere! I am on low carb too and have lost 50 lbs, but plateau now. Keep at it and visit me at

    • bombolatty

      January 14, 2013 at 11:17 am

      50 pounds is great, and it sounds like you’re starting to move more, too. Very awesome.


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