I think I’ll consider this the first day of the new year

05 Jan

I haven’t been perfect at getting back after it since the holidays. I’ve had only one day where I didn’t eat anything I consider restricted. I’ve been good, though, and I’m considering it a taper. This morning, I got up, made some coffee and sat down to read with kitty on my lap.

Not long into the coffee, I had to use the bathroom. I keep my scale in the bathroom, so I usually weigh myself when I’m in there anyway.

Even though I haven’t been perfect, my pretty-good-ness was rewarded because a lot of my holiday bloat fell away.

So now I’m queen of the f*ing world, folks. Between that and the coffee, I’m high on life. And caffeine, I suppose, but mostly life. Seriously, I just want to hug everyone.

Dinner out tonight with girlfriends at a delicious (but very carb heavy) restaurant. Ain’t no thang. I can find something. I might even special order because I am not a pain in the waiter’s neck, I am queen of the world. Boom.

Weight: 180
Today will be day 1 without restricted carbs.

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