Assessing the damaging and moving on

02 Jan

The real damage done over the holidays is not the couple of pounds I’m sure I’ve gained (the scale was unavailable today due to roommate timing issues). The real damage is the hunger. Sugar begets sugar cravings and damn if I couldn’t go for a big ol’ bowl of custard right now.

Otherwise, things are OK. I made a delicious pot roast last night, so dinner is ready for me when I get home and I won’t be tempted to eat crap. Now I just need to clean out my house. The trick is that my roommate says she wants stuff, so I keep it but then she doesn’t eat it. She’ll say she wants the leftover m&ms but then instead of eating them, she buys a bunch of different candy and eats that. I think I’m going to make a pile and if she wants it, ask her to put it in her cupboard. If she doesn’t, I’m throwing it out or bringing it into work (depending on the quality).

Also, back at work today. Can’t I retire already?

Sorry guys. I guess there isn’t much to this post. I needed to write something, though, so there it is.

0 days.
unknown weight.

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