Rise and Shine, it’s blizzard time!

19 Dec

At around 4:00 this morning, the national weather service apparently issued a blizzard warning for my area. One fun feature I didn’t know my phone has is that it immediately sounded an alarm to wake me and tell me that it might snow in the next two days. Granted, we are expecting to get slammed with snow this evening and tomorrow, but at 4 am, skies were calm. Snow is not expected for several hours.

I had set my alarm for about 5:30 today, meaning to get in early and finish up some pre-vacation tasks today so I’m not overly rushed tomorrow. After my tiny heart attack, I was awake enough that I decided to just get up. I showered and had breakfast, both rarities on weekday mornings, and headed in. My morning drive is about 15-20 minutes and I was nearly to my building when I remembered that my key was in my other coat pocket. So, I headed home, got the key, and came back. My commute this morning was closer to an hour, but I still made it in before 6.

I’ve gotten done both of the things I wanted to do by 10:00 this morning, and I’m feeling good so far. The coffee has kicked in and it feels like it’s going to be a fresh, productive day.

My friend had an short-notice birthday thing last night, and I had some birthday dessert. I am fully aware that I really ate it not because I was celebrating a birthday but because I’d had a stressful day and I wanted to eat my feelings. Again, though, I felt like crap afterwards so that I didn’t really even enjoy it.

This morning’s fiasco would normally have led me to our local gas station that has amaaaazing cinnamon rolls and as I was driving by this morning, I thought about that. I knew I wasn’t going to get one, but I thought about what it would be like if I did. The thought of the tummy ache that would follow made it unappealing enough that I didn’t even add it to my list of temptations I’ve avoided because it wasn’t tempting at all. I’m sure if I had taken one bite, I would have crammed the rest of it greedily in my cramhole, but I didn’t take one bite, so good for me!

Have a great day, all. I’ll just be over here getting things done like a boss.

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