Cookies are not my friend

18 Dec

Aside from the obvious weight-loss-sabotage that cookies perform, last night I had a couple of (small) cookies that my friend sent home with me. I was ill for the rest of the evening. Not just emotionally ill or upset or a little queasy. I honestly thought I might be sick. I couldn’t get to sleep and I couldn’t get myself to do anything other than curl up in bed and burp.

No wonder cookie monster was so crazed all the time.

The up shot is that I am much more aware of how carbs actually effect me. I’ve never been this restrictive before. I’ve essentially been following something close to an elimination diet, and re-introducing those foods is not pleasant. And I’m feeling much better today, sans flour and sugar.

Current weight: 179
It has been 1 day(s) since I’ve eaten not-allowed carbs.

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Posted by on December 18, 2012 in weight loss


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