Hormone changes – probably TMI

13 Dec

Just a warning here. The main reason I started this was so I’d be able to keep track of how all of this is going and so that 3 months from now, I could remember whether I was fighting terrible cravings or feeling tired all the time or feeling super energetic, and so on. If I’m trying to determine whether this choice has been good for me or bad, I need to keep track of changes in my body other than weight loss, too. This post deals with some lady issues. You’re welcome to let me know if you have experienced anything similar, but if you’re not into reading about that, you might want to stop now.

Here’s a little breather space for people who are still considering it.

OK. Here’s where it gets intimate. It is my understanding that hormones are a major player in weight gain and weight loss. I will admit that I don’t fully understand how that all fits together. About a year and a half ago, I had a hormonal IUD put in and about 2 months after that, I stopped getting my period. This is a normal side effect (and one I quite like, actually). I have had minor spotting once or twice, but nothing consistent.

Since I’ve started avoiding carbs, I’ve noticed that some spotting has returned. I had a couple of days last month and this week, it has been a few days already. Since I’ve had the IUD, I’ve often had minor cramping around the time I would have gotten my period, and I didn’t notice that this month.

My good friend google tells me that low carb diets sometimes make periods more regular and less painful. It also sometime causes missed periods. Or sometimes makes them worse and heavier. So, basically, there’s not an easy answer to this one available online.

Fat stores estrogen, so as I’m burning fat, I imagine that my estrogen levels are changing or are in flux, and that’s probably what this is about. I’m not worried about it, but I do think it’s worth noting.

Current weight: 179
It has been 2 day(s) since I’ve eaten not-allowed carbs.

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