Get your dance on

10 Dec

I used to take samba lessons from a friend of mine fairly regularly. She teaches once a week and I would go most weeks. I was even in a student piece for carnaval one year. I don’t really know why I stopped going. I remember that I started working later and I have to leave pretty early to get to her class. I changed jobs earlier this year, though, and my schedule is more flexible again. I could make it to class most weeks. So, I bought one of those group deals for 1/2 off 10 classes at the dance studio. I’m going to get back into it and it will be awesome.

Samba is great not only because it’s fun, but also because it increases flexibility and gets me thinking about different ways I could or should be moving my body. My friend’s warm ups and cool downs are especially well structured. Having some regularly scheduled fitness in my life again will be good.

Wafer cookies and peppermint brownies in the break room today. Add ’em to the list of things I’m not going to eat. The brownies actually looked like a gross cake, so I wasn’t too sad until I got the email announcing what they really are. Sigh. They sound scrumptious.

At least there was coffee made this morning.

Current Weight: 180
It has been 6 day(s) since I’ve eaten not allowed carbs.

PS- sorry if my last posts showed up multiple times. I had some trouble getting wordpress to actually publish them from my mac.

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