This was a lovely weekend

09 Dec

Friday was just as soothing as I expected it to be. The dinner I made was outstanding. That avocado was one of the best I’ve ever had. I didn’t do much other than clean and take an extremely long shower, but I enjoyed myself. 

Yesterday was my friend’s annual birthday party/Christmas movie marathon. This meant 10 hours at someone else’s house, where there would be plenty of treats. And there were. Cookies, biscotti, hummus, hot chocolate, holiday drinks, egg nog bread fresh out of the oven, birthday cake, and pizza. I ate none of them.

I had a heavy snack just before leaving for the party and then brought my cheese and sausage (and crackers) for myself with enough to share. I was lucky that I had to leave the party for about an hour because of another commitment and that was when they ordered the pizza. Plus, they ate it all so I didn’t even have to pass up a slice.

I had to say no to the beautiful Christmas cookies and the cake 2-3 times each, but I did it. My roommate said after the first offering that I’m really good at saying no to sweets and that was nice because then it established that I wasn’t rejecting their treats specifically.

This morning, I woke to the first snow of the season. I love snow, so I ran downstairs like an excited child and immediately turned on the tree and started humming to myself. At the holidays, I allow myself a little extra childishness. 

After that, I made some really delicious eggs for breakfast and then met a friend for coffee. We went to this charming little chocolate/coffee/wine shop that I adore. The desserts are delicate and totally pleasing, but I don’t even mind not getting one there because the ambiance is so warm and soothing. And the coffee is from Just Coffee, and it’s great. Not only is it really good coffee, it’s fair trade. I highly recommend it.

I feel good today. My skin looks good, my hair is shiny, I am happy, and it finally snowed. 

I hope your weekend was as nice as mine and we all have many more like this to come.

Current weight: 180

It has been 5 day(s) since I’ve eaten not-allowed carbs.

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