Where’d that wagon go?

04 Dec

Well, it happened. I found myself last night and this morning thinking that it really would make more sense to wait until *after* the holiday to try to cut carbs. There are just too many delicious holiday foods and can one chocolate-covered caramel really do that much harm?

I know that this is just because I had and enjoyed cake and whiskey drinks this weekend and I don’t want to deny myself something I enjoy.* It’s probably also because I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to look in the dress I wore to my friends’ wedding anymore, so I don’t really have a goal to work toward.

I thought about letting myself spiral down that rabbit hole for a few days, but decided it wasn’t worth it. So, today I’m listening again to the book that started it all. What it really comes down to, is that it is hard to make it feel REAL. When I’m on a reduced-calorie diet, I usually end up feeling hungry a lot, so it feels obvious that what I’m doing is having an impact. Not so when I walk around feeling not hungry. It just seems like there’s a little less variety in my diet. Listening to the science is reminding me that I’m right. Plus, he urges people if it doesn’t work to try again, so I’m trying again.

I sure would like a Matilda tonight, though. But I won’t have one. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to start a spreadsheet of foods I didn’t eat. Not every little craving I have, but situations like this where I’m at a bar and they’re tapping my favorite beer tonight, which isn’t always available. What they were, when I passed on them. When I am happy with my health and fitness level, I will select items from this list, have them, and enjoy the shit out of them. Then I’ll cross them off the list. For now, I don’t have to feel like I’m sacrificing anything, I’m simply delaying it. And think how much more fun it will be to have a Matilda at a bar when I feel good about myself.

New plan. I like it.

Current weight: 183

It has been 0 day(s) since I’ve eaten not-allowed carbs.


*My friend had a wedding reception this weekend at a distillery. There was a post about it, but I messed up posting it somehow. Suffice it to say, the cake and drinks were sweet and delicious.

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