The unbearable lightness of avoiding carbs

30 Nov

Sometimes, I get faint. Sometimes, I actually faint. On average, I would say I faint once a year. More some years, less others. After a tilt-table test (which is a horrible experience if you actually faint), I was diagnosed with POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). It’s not so much a diagnosis as it is a name. It means I faint more than is normal but they don’t really know why, other than I’m kind of tall for a woman. I would argue that 5’9″ is not that tall, but whatever.

I believe that the fainting is related to diet. I generally find that in the times when I’m getting fat, I faint less. I would like to note here, that I am not now, nor have I ever been, starving myself. This fainting often happens within an hour of eating. I mean, it sometimes happens not within an hour of eating, but it doesn’t seem tied to actual hunger or blood sugar levels or anything.

One thing I found interesting in Why We Get Fat was a mention of carb addiction. I want to listen again to this particular chapter, but what I thought I heard was that sometimes if people are addicted to carbs, they can go through a kind of withdrawal when they reduce them and that withdrawal can include fainting. So, I’m hoping this might be a temporary thing and I’ll come out stable on the other side.

The weird thing is that when I got dizzy yesterday, it was like a familiar friend. There’s something kind of refreshing about the aftermath of one of these spells. It’s a wave of dizziness that’s usually pretty unpleasant, but then when I don’t faint, I have a feeling like I’ve just woken up. Sometimes I think of the movie Sliding Doors and the little chimey moments when her actions dramatically affect her path. It feels like I’m somehow in one of those moments. I’m usually doing something dull like getting up to get tea, but it still FEELS momentous.

Anyway. Other than the fainting, I’m feeling really good lately. My body feels somehow cleaner on the inside. I’m calmer and I don’t crave food all the time. Plus, I suspect I’m saving money. I’ll have to check the books on that one, but custard is pretty expensive and I had been eating a rather embarrassing amount of it.

It has been 1 day(s) since I’ve eaten not-allowed carbs.

Current weight: 182

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