On Manifestation

16 Nov

I decided that listening to “Why we Get Fat” (WWGF) was a good enough experience that I should download another audio book for my work trip this past week. I chose “THE SECRET” for two reasons. First, I was sick of my friends saying they were going to “manifest” something and not really knowing what they meant. Second, I like it that every time time the author says “THE SECRET” I hear Conan O’Brien saying “Seeeeecretssss”.

I’m halfway through THE SECRET and so far, I mostly take issue with the idea that people are fat because they “think fat thoughts.” I also find it ridiculous that they talk about how this is true because of the “Law of Attraction.” It reminds me a little of the way WWGF addresses the problem of “calories in, calories out” and the law of thermodynamics being wrongly applied. The law of attraction does NOT state that if you want a car badly enough, the universe will give you a car.

This is not to say that I disagree with THE SECRET. Positive thinking can go a long way and our thoughts certainly control the energy we project, which can affect how our people and surroundings react to us. I just don’t like it being called the law of attraction.

I tested THE SECRET this morning when I tried to roll in at 9:30 and find a parking spot at work. I did successful manifest a spot right where I thought it would be and I was quite grateful for it.

I don’t think I wrote about my delicious steak yet. On Wednesday, we went to Mastro’s in LA. I had a bone-in fillet that was incredible, and a nice iceberg wedge to start. It was delicious. I also had two bites of the butter cake the table ordered. It was pretty guy. Guys, if you’re ever in LA and looking for a killer steak, try Mastro’s. If you feel like having carbs, get the butter cake. If you know THE SECRET, you can just think while you’re eating it that you can eat it and maintain your perfect weight and it will totally be true.

Current weight: 185

It has been 2 day(s) since I have eaten not-allowed carbs.

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