14 Nov

I’m in L.A. for work today. My client took me to lunch at a mediocre sushi place and then for dinner my coworkers chose an italian restaurant. The sushi part was fine. I stuck with sashimi. The Italian joint was a little more difficult. I ordered my prosciutto-wrapped chicken without the pasta, but it still had a tomato sauce on it and I’m not clear on tomato sauce yet. Additionally, they brought around a plateful of these little garlicky, buttery, warm rolls every 5-10 minutes. Each roll was 1-2 bites. I ate one and a half of them. Each of my dinner companions ate at least 7, so I guess I did pretty well. I also went into a Cold Stone and left without even sampling the new dark chocolate mint or pumpkin flavors.

When I got back to the hotel, I ate some sausage. Because that’s what I do now. I pack sausage bits and bring them to hotels with me.

Current weight: ask when I get back to the midwest.

It has been 0 day(s) since I’ve eaten not-allowed carbs.

Oh, so that’s La Cienega

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